The Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park invite you to a free presentation on Thursday 15 August at the Highfields Tavern.

The guest speaker is prominent entomologist Dr Melina Miles.

Melina’s presentation will look at the bugs in our gardens and the important role they play in our environment – from pollinators to decomposers; predators to food for birds and mammals.

So before you squash, spray or swat that bug, come along and learn about the good, bad and ugly bugs in your garden.

NOTE: If you have a particular question and/or photograph about insects that you would like Melina to include/address in her presentation please email and we will forward these to her for consideration.

The evening kicks off around 6.00 pm and dinner and drinks are at your own expense.

If you're planning to come along, please email and let us know how many in your party so we can make sure there are enough seats for everyone.