The Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park Inc is a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about all aspects of the Park.

The group works in cooperation with the Toowoomba Regional Council to create and maintain a botanic garden that:

  • conserves biodiversity
  • increases scientific and popular knowledge of our country's native plants, particularly those of the eastern Darling Downs
  • ensures Peacehaven is a place of peace and tranquility for generations to come

The Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park operate a native plant nursery with profits from the nursery funding projects in the park designed to enhance the visitor experience.


$10 per person (financial year)


The Secretary, Friends of Peacehaven Park, 56 Kuhls Road, Highfields QLD 4352

Phone (07) 4630 8667
Email   peacehaven3@gmail.com